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Printer Repair Services

Some companies are thinking of when they need to hire a professional or take a DIY initiate. The decision is completely based on the type of issues a company face

A printer is an essential component in your office setup. When it starts malfunctioning, it’s hard to control the impulse to repair it yourself or to let an employee have a go at it. This begs the question: When to contact a professional repair service? Probably before Dan from IT does more damage to it.

printer repair service

Common Errors

connection error

Connection Errors

printing taking more time

Slow Printing

printer paper jam

Paper Jams

low print quality

Low Print Quality

A connection cannot be established

If you’re facing an error such as failure in establishing a connection between the printer and the network, hiring one of our professionals will have your equipment up and running in no time. However, make sure to perform the following steps before giving a technician a call:

  • Check the cable and physical connection between the equipment
  • Check the printer set up or driver in the network or system
  • Check the wireless connection drivers


If you’re facing issues after inspecting all these things and do not find out a way to resolve them, call the professionals. We will get your equipment repaired in no time. Downtime and a lack of maintenance negatively affects your business efficiency, let us help.

Slow Printing?

Printers are meant to improve the efficiency and workflow of your company. When the printer efficiency drops, so does your business’s. We’re here to fix these type of issues so they can regain their original speed and functionality.

Paper Jams?

Getting constant paper jams is another issue many copier users experience at some point. When this starts becoming a problem, it’s best to get the assistance of a professional instead of trying to force the machine and risk damaging it.

Low Print Quality?

The quality of the printing outcome is based on various elements. Sometimes, when the printer needs maintenance it leads to spots, marks, or lines on the printing results. These things drop the overall quality and reduce the readability of your work.

Visual Edge has the Solution…

Prevent all of these issues by keeping your equipment up to date and well-maintained. Give us a call and see how one of our printer repair professionals can help.

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